We Put the Fun In Driver Training!

Driver Education Services

Teen girl driving car

Funk’s Driving School in Saskatchewan has a professional driving instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching teens and adults the skills they need to become safe, confident drivers.

Home Pick Up & Drop Off

We’ll pick you or your child up from home during the week or on weekends, dropping them off after their lesson.

Beginner Courses

Funk’s Driving School provides Class 5 Driving Instruction in our beginner classes. The course includes 6 hours of theory instruction in the classroom and 6 hours of in-car lessons. Additional behind the wheel instruction is available upon request for an additional fee.

Class Dates

Mon. Jan. 14th
Tues. Jan. 15th
Weds. Jan. 16th
Mon. Feb. 11th
Tues. Feb. 12th
Weds. Feb. 13th
Mon. March 11th
Tues. March 12th
Weds. March 13th

Refresher Courses

Our refresher courses are suitable for adults who have been unable to drive for a period of time due to an illness, injury, or any other reason. They can also help you break any bad habits you’ve developed, giving you a review of by-the-book road rules and making you a safer, more confident driver

Both cars at Funk’s Driving School are equipped with hand controls, specialized steering devices, and a left foot accelerator. We also have a car available which our students can use for the road test.

For registration for the 6-and-6 course, please call 978-2911 for pricing and details, or call 978-2911 to book in-car driving lessons.